Episode 9: Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Hey ya’ll! Episode 9 is here :) This week we express our love for representative Maxine Waters and how intentional she is about keeping her word. We also mourn over the fact that Shaniece’s boo Tyrese is off the market. For ‘Unbossed’ we highlight Provocative By Naj, brand that sells pasties to encourage women to be secure and confident about their bodies. The designs are so awesome, and GC will definitely be purchasing some. Visit provocativebynaj.com to check out the products and the mission of the brand! This week’s ‘Goddess Talk’ is all about  living a healthy lifestyle and what that looks like for two young woman moving in a fast paced environment. We talk about how to eat right, getting on the workout train, and how to create a healthy space in relationships. For ‘Fresh Face’ Shaniece & Jordan rave about their Rituals Hammam Hot Scrub. Don’t forget to check out our apparel at goddessxculture.com/shop!

Shaniece Vincent