Episode 12: The Black Girl Stigma

Hey beautiful ones! This week on Goddess Culture, we detest Bill O’Riley and his inappropriate comments. Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, our ‘Unbossed’ this week is Whitney Kerney, a clothing designer who specializes in handmade clothing with the everyday girl in mind. Contact her at whitneykerney@outlook.com or her instagram, @whitneykerney. Our “Goddess Talk’ focus on how you do not have to tear down the black women in order to justify your love for women of other races. We dive into stereotypes than many people, including black men, tack to black women and how those stereotypes relate to us directly. Our ‘Fresh Face’ this week was whitening stips. Shaniece tell us if they work, if they are worth it, and her experience trying them out. As a reminder, all of the items that we mention on our ‘Fresh Face’ segment can be found under the Fresh Face tab on our website. If you want to have a Goddess Experience workshop at your school, contact us today!


Shaniece Vincent