Self-Care: Crucial.

The need of self care in our communities are needed more than ever.

Taking care of yourself should be your number 1 priority! You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Incorporating self-care into your daily routines is crucial to your health. Most of us grew up believing that the more you sacrifice, the bigger the reward. This is false. You are no good to anyone if you are burnt out. You have to pour into yourself in order to be productive.

Self care actually helps you make progress faster for a few reasons:

  • Self care prevents “burning out” extreme exhaustion

  • Self care reduces the negative affects of stress in your day to day life

  • helps you refocus

Self-care ideas:

  • Develop a regular sleep routine.

  • Aim for a healthy diet.

  • Journaling

  • Getting a manicure/ pedicure

  • Take lunch breaks.

  • Go for a walk at lunchtime.

  • Take your dog for a walk after work.

  • Use your sick leave.

  • Get some exercise before/after work regularly.

Take care of yourself, You cannot pour from an empty cup. Refocus and remember that life happens fast. You deserve to enjoy every moment.

Shaniece Vincent