What I Know For Sure

By: Jordan

IG: @jay_lasoul

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I can confidently say that I am THE most random person you will ever meet. Thoughts, ideas, questions, noise, music, people, places, and things randomly pop in my head and then I feel the need to verbalize them. A recent Monday was no exception. While scarfing my Chipotle, I decided to get deep and ponder my life’s most valuable lessons to date. Those include 1. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish; 2. Conditions do not have to be perfect to begin; and 3. My heart is always right.

I decided to humor myself and ask a loved one. Partially because I am nosey, but mostly because I am curious about the way people think, how they process their human experience, and in this case, if age and gender determine how we process valuable moments


Here are their answers:


16 year old female:

MY FAVORITE ONE That I Apply to my life everyday is the one from the book alchemist: Go through life being able to look at all of the marvels of life and not to spill any drops of oil on your spoon


20 year old male:

  • Everybody you love doesn’t have your same intentions in life so you have to love them at a distance


27 year old male:

  • That I only have one shot at life to my knowledge, and procrastinating will never benefit me. And I use procrastination strongly cause’ I do believe there is a big difference between patience and procrastination, I waited way too long to make moves to me, my biggest upset


31 year old female:

  • Building a relationship/ life with someone is life's most precious gift and its most lofty challenge
  • Forgiveness heals. It's an act of the soul and requires the suspension of the ego.
  • Gods favor is free and undeserved but I'm worth it. No matter how far I go and grow, I should not feel guilty for my transformation.
  • Manifestation is real and be actualized for better or for worse.
  • Smart people don't fail, they reflect and learn. Failure is not finite, everything is iterative.
  • Lastly, the hardest lessons take quite some time to grasp, quite a while to learn, and in some cases a lifetime to master. For this reason, I see myself as a constant work in progress.


31 year old male:

  • Even in failure, there's reward...if only time is taken to reflect & capture the lesson. Usually these are gems
  • Nurture your dreams as you would a child...therefore you develop them as you would a human.
  • Listen to life; she speaks a beautiful language that helps us if we pay attention.


35 year old female:

  • You are not your thoughts and you can choose which thought you want to manifest. I learned this through meditation
  • Self-care is an action of self-love
  • Your imagination is powerful to grow or stunt your imagination is what we choose to focus our intention/Attention on
  • Yoga is life. It's the first thing we do when we are born. BREATHE.


40+ year old female:

  • The power of choice - I am truly the co-creator of my life.

This kicked off my journey down the rabbit hole. After reading his response, I thought about Oprah’s column in O Magazine, “What I know for sure,” where she chronicles what she knows to be ultimate truths for herself. I highly encourage you, if not to subscribe to the magazine like I did, check out the top 20 things she knows for sure. Anywho, I won’t take the liberty of dissecting their responses as I feel I would not do them justice, but I challenge you all to take an inventory lessons that you know to be absolute truths for your life in this very moment. 

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