Treat Yo’ Self, Girl: The Importance of Spoiling Yourself and How To Do It

By: Janée Barbre

IG: janeebarbre

One thing I’ve learned from my grandma, is that there are three ways a woman should spend her money. First, pay your bills. Second, put some away for a rainy day. Third, do something nice for yourself. She’s always told me that there’s no need to work hard without rewarding yourself. As women, we take on a lot. Between working, attending school, being a parent, periods… the list goes on and on. We deserve to have a pretty little treat to remind us of how precious we really are. Now that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy the most expensive thing, but it’s definitely important to spoil yourself a little bit. That could be buying a new pair of shoes for one gal, or having a sparkling glass of champagne for another. Whatever it is, you’ve got to celebrate yourself. It’s all apart of self-care! I treat myself like once a week. I really should chill and save more, but YOLO… right?? To be completely honest, treating yourself doesn’t always require money. If you aren’t totally sure on what to do, here are seven suggestions. Spoil yourself a little bit. You deserve it, girl.

1. Get a manicure and pedicure.

I personally love the nail salon, and I’m deff one for a quick polish change on my hands and toes. I really like to be in and out, but sometimes its nice to sit down and enjoy the Deluxe Mani/Pedi Spa Experience. Especially after a long or stressful week. Most nail salons even offer to serve you a glass of wine and a massage while you’re getting pretty. That’s definitely a win!


2. Pick up fresh flowers.

Brighten your own day with a bouquet of roses or a bundle of tulips. Flowers add color and great scent to any room, and are so fitting for “to me from me” gifts. They really aren’t expensive either! You can buy flowers from just about any supermarket. Invest in a really nice glass vase, and just replenish your flowers as often as you’d like. Flower shopping is a great way to spend some time with yourself and add a dash of natural beauty into your life. Society has made us think that girls are only supposed to receive flowers from guys, but that’s totally not true.


3. Indulge in something sweet.

Cupcakes and oatmeal cookies are my guilty pleasures. I have a permanent sweet tooth, so anything containing sugar makes me feel all good inside. Swing by your local bakery after school or work and pick up a little treat, or stop for some ice-cream. Doughnuts even do the trick! We’ve all swerved for the “Hot Now” sign at Krispy Kreme at some point in time.


4. Put on a face mask and deep condition.

If you want to stay flawless and goddess-like, you’ve got to take care of your hair and skin! Figure out your skin type, and take a trip to Ulta! There’s a ton of face masks that cater to everyone, you’re sure to find the right one for you. Deep conditioning is a pretty important part of maintaining healthy hair, especially for the natural gals out there. Take sometime out to recharge your hair snd skin. I do to at least twice a week. You’ll feel super clean and hydrated afterwards.


5. Take a bubble bath.

Water is a very calming element, and something we should all take more advantage of. A hot bath can work miracles for the body and relieve so much stress. Add some bubbles to that thang and relax, girl. Light a candle and play your favorite tunes while you’re in there. Another way to spruce up your bubble bath is by adding bath bombs. Lush carries some of the coolest ones. They smell really good, and some even add color and glitter to your water.


6. Buy something new.

Been eyeing a pair of shoes or a sassy little dress? Go buy it! There’s nothing like getting something new. I love when I get to spend my money on myself. It feels good and reminds me of how hard I’ve worked. We can sometimes get so caught up in saving, that we forget about the pretty little things we wish to own. It’s totally okay to swipe your card here and there. Spend a check and get it right back! That’s the way it goes, right?


7. Binge watch!

We all have “our shows,” but don’t always have time to keep up with its episodes. That’s what Netflix and Hulu are for!! Take some time out to catch up on your favorite shows. Being Mary Jane and Gossip Girl are great shows to escape with. I personally enjoy Bob’s Burgers and binge watching isn’t as bad as people make it seem, I promise you it’s totally fine. Sometimes it best to Netflix and chill with yourself anyway! 


I promise if you try any of these out, your life will change. Once you begin treating yourself more, you’ll be so wrapped up in self-love and appreciation that you won’t expect or accept anything less. It’s the little things that count, and its important to never forget how much you deserve. Spoiling yourself is just a small part of being good to you. I know for me, it has definitely helped me put myself first.


Remember that nothing is more important than your joy.


For more inspiration on treating yo’ self, check out season 4, episode 4 of “Parks and Recreations”. It’s available on Netflix and YouTube. This is also a great show to binge watch, by the way. Thank me later!