Fresh Face: My favorite skincare products + daily skincare routine

By: Jordan

IG: @jay_lasoul


I am by no means a beauty guru, but I do like to share what works for me.  I have combination skin. My t-zone is oily and the rest of my face is “normal.” Usually, with a lot of water intake, my skin is clear, but it takes a certain level of care to maintain the health and glow of my skin, so here is my routine:


1.     Oil cleanse with jajoba or sweet almond oil

2.     Steam face and exfoliate with loofah in the shower

3.     Pat fact dry

4.     Tone with Thayer’s lavender witch hazel

5.     Moisturize with Jason maximum strength vitamin e oil (45,000 I.U.) at night and argan oil in the morning

*Three time a week I exfoliate with a coffee scrub by Infinity essentials

*Two times a week I use the Mud Mask from Raw Apothecary or the Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask


Other than my usual face routine, I like to utilize other products for the rest of my body. Like everyone else, I have stretch marks and dark marks from healed cuts and scrapes. These products have helped lighten my scars.


Favorite Products:

1.     Shea Butter

2.     Infinity Essentials – whipped body butter + after shower oil + coffee scrub

3.     Argan oil

4.     Rituals Warm Ginger and Eucalyptus body scrub


Like I mentioned before, all of these routine and products will not do you any better than good’ol water. I like to am for a gallon a day. It does make you go to the bathroom A LOT, but the way it benefits your body is well worth it! Also, be mindful that the appearance of your skin is heavily influenced by what you ingest. A lot of sugar, dairy, and gluten can contribute to breakouts and cystic pimples. I am currently testing out a collagen supplement to help make my skin more plump and supple, aid in skin elasticity (for lessening the appearance of and preventing stretch marks and cellulite), boost metabolism and more!


I also recently made a body butter than I am trying in conjunction with the collagen supplement and water intake to help with my scars. Here are the ingredients:


-Shea butter

-Coco butter

-Coconut oil

-Vitamin e oil


-Avocado oil

-Lavender essential oil


If you know of any products you would like for us to try out, let us know and we will write a review!

Shaniece Vincent