Eclipse Season, Things Can Get a Little Crazy

Photo courtesy of NBC News

Photo courtesy of NBC News

By: Jordan

IG: @jay_lasoul

This August was/is full for intense lunar AND solar energy. Some of which was fun and exciting, urging us to make way for change. Other times, calling us to be vulnerable and transparent, but careful with our emotions, as the deepest darkest parts of ourselves were being called to the surface. As if that was not enough, halfway through all of this, Mercury in retrograde popped its confusing head in the picture. On August 7th, the Lunar eclipse took place in Aquarius (which was good news for Aquarian everywhere). The new moon that welcomed the eclipse brought energy of good luck, inspiration, social experiences, and releasing energy that no longer serves you.

Naturally, Aquarius energy is out of the box, spontaneous, and unconventional, so during this new moon we were (and especially Aquarians) to experience dramatic shifts. Because of this, we had to stay grounded, focused, and mindful of our reactions to all of the changes occurring. During this eclipse, the long term effects of our reactions were crucial. It was important to be mindful the intentions set at this time, as well. 

On August 12th, Mercury began its retrograde, set to last until September 5th. This occurs because Mercury has an 88-day orbit, as opposed to Earth’s 365-day rotation. Because of this, Mercury appears to travel backwards. It does not actually move backwards, but it brings conflicting energy. For instance, people may notice their phones and cars do not work at 100%. Elevators may stop working, emails may not go through, chargers may short. Anything that you can think of that effects electronics is a possibility. Additionally, contracts should not be signed due to the possibility of having to revisit and revise the agreement.

How I am maneuvering this celestial occurrence is to be prepared by giving myself more time for correspondence, being clear and intentional with my words, leaving no room for interpretation, and by not taking things personally. I take this time to slow down and think, which was exactly what I needed after that Lunar eclipse. What I was going through this month was important, but HOW I got through it was more defining.

With no room for a break, came the Great American Solar Eclipse. This eclipse promised to bring up deep residing themes, none of which can be completely conquered in a day. All day, I was unable to focus. Instead of being defeated by it, I allowed it to happen and pass, remembering that my reaction to everything that is changing around me has more of a repercussion than the decisions I make. It’s a reminder to be patient and kind to myself during this process.

I say all this to remind you all to be gentle with yourselves, take your time making decisions, and be mindful of what you do and do not have control over. On my Instagram, I posted a caption that said "Sundays are for retuning and refining, centering, focusing, loving, and adjusting...all of which require rest." I think that has been the mood of the entire eclipse season, but I urge you to take it beyond this post, Sundays, and eclipse season

love & light

Shaniece Vincent