New to the Law of Attraction? Here are 10 Ways to Get Started

By: Jennifer Boyd

IG: @ jenniferrrboyd

The law of attraction. Vibrational frequency. Synchronicities. These are the phrases that have been dominating YouTube, Barnes and Noble stores, and every social media platform in existence! Perhaps you’ve heard of or even read The Secret, or perhaps you’ve listened to Abraham Hicks podcasts and are ready to inaugurate your manifestation journey. Regardless of where you first heard about the spiritual phenomenon, it’s easy to start infusing your lifestyle with the law of attraction’s transformative powers. Here are 10 ways to get started:



1. Enrich your understanding of the LOA 

It’s important to have at least a basic awareness of the law of attraction and its “siblings” - the ideas associated with it. The Secret is an excellent introduction, but you should refer to other resources to supplement your spiritual knowledge. The Power of Now centralizes on mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Quantum Creativity explores human creativity through the lens of quantum physics. The more knowledge you imbibe about a broad base of subjects, the easier it will be to understand the workings of the universe at large. Understanding sets the subsequent manifestation in motion.


2. Create a visual reminder
In order to manifest your desire into physical reality, you need a visual reminder of it. Create a vision or “dream” board of images to carry your desire from a purely intellectual to an actualized state. Place this board where you’ll see it as frequently as possible. Your desires exist for a reason - you want to experience a certain feeling when you obtain them. See the board regularly and feel as you would if your desire had already been manifested. The universe cannot distinguish between simulation and reality, and she will generate more!


3. Make a playlist
Sensory experience is key! Music generates feelings. In order to attract positive circumstances into your life, you need to experience positive emotions. Go even further by creating an auditory encapsulation of the exact desire you want to manifest, whether it be a dream partner, vacation, or occupation. Imagine yourself playing these songs at your wedding, on a Hawaiian beach, or on your commute to your new job.


4. Meditate
Get into the habit of observing and silencing your thoughts. In today’s multiverse of experiences, we are bombarded by constant distractions. Our everyday thoughts are highly mediated. Get in touch with your higher self by meditating. YouTube is an excellent resource for guided meditations, guided visualizations, and meditation music. Try meditating to music at the frequency of 432 Hz to catalyze the manifestation process and create the ultimate environment of tranquility.


5. Spend time outdoors
Always choose natural over synthetic. Spending time in nature raises our vibrational frequencies and aligns us with our higher selves.


6. Get creative
Write, dance, draw, make music. As long as you’re creating, you’re in the receptive mode. The universe is highly transactional, acknowledging those who participate in any form of creation. Getting in touch with your creative energy speeds up the manifestation process by sending the message that you are ready to receive. The universe will emulate you as you emulate it, perpetuating the powerful cycle of creativity.


7. Surround yourself with positive company
It’s ideal to surround yourself with people whose energy you want to match. Be wary of emotionally draining or demanding relationships, as these subtract from your vibrational frequency. Remember that we attract our present situations, and a negative circle of friends is a manifestation of your own energy. Surround yourself with people whose presence is positive. Vibrations are infectious--use this to your advantage!


8. Pretend that you already have it
The universe cannot distinguish between the imagined and the real. Listening to and repeating “I am” and “I have” affirmations out loud sends the message to the universe that you are receiving. The universe has only one response - true! Speak about your desire in the present tense rather than the future tense to affirm that you are currently in the receptive mode.


9. Practice gratitude
In order to align yourself with future positive circumstances, you need to acknowledge your current positive circumstances. A gratitude journal can help you incorporate this practice into your lifestyle. Express your gratitude for all things, no matter how small. The universe will acknowledge your thankfulness, and she will do the work to ensure that more positivity will ensue. Say “thank you” for the things you want to manifest, too!


10. Surrender
The step that so many fail to follow is the most important one: releasing all desire and resistance to the universe. Trust that the universe knows your desire and is always working in your favor. By surrendering, you affirm that you store complete trust in the universe and in yourself. Obsessing over a deficiency asserts a state of lack, only perpetuating the cycle. Tell yourself that you’ve done all your work, and the universe will pick up where you left off.

Welcome to your life as a co-creator. The universe always responds to your feelings, and this is a beautiful thing. Happy manifesting!

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