Advice for the Signs: August Edition

By: Jennifer Boyd


Aries: You’re mastering the art of self-acceptance. Your soul is so grateful to be on the receiving end of the tremendous care you previously extended only to others. You’re ready to share with the world all that you’ve cultivated and nurtured so tenderly. You’re more ready to love than ever before.

Taurus: There are no limits to your character. Everyday life presents us with infinite opportunities for reinvention, recreation, rejuvenation. You are a work-in-progress – keep adding to the masterpiece that is your brilliant, immutable identity. You are dynamic, never static. Seek expansion in all that you do and all that you are.


Gemini: Learn how to be vulnerable. Break down the walls your painful experiences forced you to erect in order to guard your heart. It’s okay to be soft. When you’re ready to share the pieces of yourself that you hold close, you can connect purely, authentically, divinely with other hearts. This is what healing looks like. 

Cancer: Your spirit is tired of running. Now is the time to confront the shades of your soul that you keep buried beneath the surface. Embrace self-awareness, cultivate self-acceptance, and invest in self-love. We all have demons. We must acknowledge them first to understand them.

Leo: Let go. You are worth so much more than the inhibitions that keep you stagnant. Fly. Envelop the universe in your brilliant, steely rapture. Propel forward, shoot upward. Release the habits that keep you enmeshed in darkness. The light is yours to let in.

Virgo: You’re finding yourself again. You’re rediscovering your zest, your verve. Close your eyes and dream. You’re nourishing your passion for life and learning so much about yourself in the process. Live abundantly, adventurously, and always in love. Do the things that make your heart sing and your spirit soar.

Libra: Release the need to be perfect. Refuse to let unreasonable expectations fuel your pursuits. Progress takes time. You’ll fail to notice life’s silky glow if you allow dark clouds to loom overhead. Seek balance. Let yourself grow, and always let yourself learn. Learn to love the process, and the process will love you in return.

Scorpio: Learn to be lonely. Allow your soul to bathe in solitude’s smooth waters. It’s time for a period of renewal, recharging, rebirth. Observe. Witness the worldly phenomena around you – friendship, family, love, nature. Immerse yourself in the fullness of the universe. Experience every treasure. Celebrate – there is so much light in this world.

Sagittarius: Take all things at a slow pace. Never rush. You must grant your spirit time to adjust to new settings, circumstances, and souls. Your world is evolving. Be patient. Inner peace will be birthed. In the meantime, savor every twilight, garden, and sunshower. Change is happening all around you – enjoy its blurred, opalescent beauty.

Capricorn: You’ll remember this period fondly if you cherish every minute, every scintilla of joy, even every heartbreak. Each experience you gain now will shape you into who you’re meant to be. Always remember to dance – when mirthful, when curious, and especially when heavyhearted.

Aquarius: Focus on the beautiful, the pure, the good. The world has abundant treasures to offer – tangible and abstract alike. Visualize and observe these things in your everyday life and they’ll appear in your plane of existence. You are a mirror to the universe. The exterior always reflects the interior. Keep the mirror luminous and your world will ignite.

Pisces: Our universe is constantly transforming. Enjoy the ebb and flow. Transience is the nature of this life. Release the need to linger. Allow all to come and go naturally. Let go of that which no longer serves you. So many beautiful things are coming your way.





Shaniece Vincent