Episode 6: Got a Goddess? Valentine's Edition

Welcome back to Goddess Culture! Valentine’s Day is here and we are discussing the in’s and outs of this holiday during this week’s ‘Goddess Talk.’ During ‘Unbossed’ we featured Desiree Thomkins, owner of TheRozayQuartz (@TheRozayQuartz) & Trix4Chics, LLC (@Trix4Chix). The Rozay Quartz  is a design and education company. She has been a designer since 2009 and has been building badass brands every since! Trix4Chix is a woman’s lifestyle brand. Across the board, the her mission is to Glow up (verb) to expect synchronicity, to know you are on the path that was woven for you. On ‘Fresh Face’ Shaniece focused on the Tony Moly sheet masks and she loves them! Our t-shirts will be on our online store soon. As always, remember to rate comment and subscribe on iTunes!

Shaniece Vincent