Episode 7: Removing Fear

We have to start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHI RHI and everyone who hates on Beyonce fans can mind their business! Thanks for tuning into episode 7! During this week’s ‘Unbossed’ segment, we bring in our first guest, Tiffany of Ivy Plvg. She not only specializes in canvas painting but apparel also! Her instagram @ivyplvg showcases all of her designs. She also does custom pieces. To discuss your next piece, email her at ivyplvg@gmail.com. For our ‘Goddess Talk’ we focus on fear, how we have handled it in the workplace and relationships. Shaniece gives us all the tea on Garnier’s Micellar water, how she uses it, and her opinion on if it’s a keeper or not. Apparel will be dropping Friday February 24th. Set you alarm and stop by goddessxculture.com to place your order.

Shaniece Vincent