Palo Santo – How to Use Holy Wood


By: Jordan

IG: @jay_lasoul



Photo courtesy of Mountain Rose Herbs

Photo courtesy of Mountain Rose Herbs

If there is anything that I preach, it is to take care you and your space. One of the many ways that I do that is to cleanse my energy and space of any energies that do not belong to me. Some of the ways I do this is to use Palo Santo, or Holy Wood. Grown on the coast of South America, this remedy to raising vibrations and removing unwanted energies has dated back to plant ceremonies of the ancient Incas.

I feel it has always been easy for me to take on the energy of those around me. When the vibrations are high and the atmosphere is excited, I easily draw on that energy, and vice versa when the energy is low. Knowing that about myself and working in New York City makes for an interesting energetic situation. This is why at least 2-3 times a week I smudge using white sage or Palo Santo.

Many also use Palo Santo to inspire creativity, conjure protection, and bring blessings. Everyone has their own way of utilizing this tool, so no one way to smudge or burn the holy wood is correct. But, I will walk you through how I do it.


How I use it:

1.     Light the Palo Santo until it sustains a flame on its own

2.     Let the flame build

3.     Blow out flame

4.     Sent an intention that all negative and heavy energy be removed

5.     Say a prayer of protection and peace over myself and my space

6.     Wave the Palo Santo around my body/space

Please note, the smoke of Palo Santo does not last long. If this is happening to you, you are not doing it wrong. When I first started using it, I thought I had a defective stick. Just repeat steps 1-3 and continue cleansing!

I hope this sparks the thought or inspires the action of taking care of yourself spiritually!